Overhead Crane Supply & Services

JEMS Solutions W.L.L

JEMS Crane Services Provides heavy lifting and rigging services since 1988 for a wide variety of industries including commercial construction, municipal construction, steel building construction, wind & communication tower construction as well as oil & gas, petrochemical, aluminium, manufacturing & process industries which needs cranes.

We offer a massive fleet of cranes for operated or bare rental to ensure that all of our customer’s needs are met.

Overhead Crane Services:

- Crane Supply, Installation, Erection, Commissioning, Certification & Insurance Service Provides.
- Crane Computer & Controller Supply, Upgrades, Replace Services.
- Crane Hoist, Motor, Drive & Control Panel Supply & Services.
- New Equipment and Parts for all leading brands.
- Equipment Modernization & Upgrades.
- Design Engineering of Turnkey Equipment Solutions.
- Safety & Compliance Inspection.
- Emergency & Planned Repairs.
- Scheduled and On-site Proactive Maintenance.
- Operator & Safety Training Services.

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