Dear All,

I am an experienced professional Lady Engineer from Kerala, India with High level of experience and bringing up your child from null to 100% performance for all boards. Following are the expertise fields,

1. Maths ( 9th,10th,11th & 12th grade )
2. Chemistry (9th,10th,11th & 12th grade )
3. Physics ( 9th,10th,11th & 12th grade )
4. Biology ( 9th,10th,11th & 12th grade)
5. Computer Science ( 9th,10th,11th & 12th grade)

Children will be trained with maximum tests and their evaluation will be carried out to find the right projection of their course understanding level. Only those parents shall contact who is willing to give tough time to their children for their better success.

My Qualification:
Bachelor of Science in Zoology.
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering.

Please contact me after 7.00 pm