Learn Photoshop-Illustrator in 2 weeks
This course is comprehensive introduction to professional photoshop-Illustrator design principles. You will surely learn a lot and will be to use photoshop-Illustrator in various commercial and personal projects.

What Will I Learn?
· Use different manipulation and creation tools
· Learn workflow tools
· Master Photo correction techniques/logo creation/designs and many more approaches
· Learn to add different effects using photoshop/Illustrator
· Use Photoshop/Illustrator in professional projects

I will provide Pro Version of Video Lecture series for Photoshop/Illustrator from Scrach to Advanced level including Exercise files.

Language: English
Fees: 100BHD for Photoshop Course and 100BHD for Illustrator Course but for both 150BHD.

If you are interested then give a call. For more information, please contact 37730277

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