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SPEEDPOWER is a catalyst combines with the elements in the air to chemically activate. Its process is to convert the humidity present in the air into a combustible material. It will then now use as a fuel modifier or fuel additive intended for internal combustion engines. Since an engine cannot run without air, so as the engine run and sucks air via intake manifold, and passes through the device, a chemical reaction will take place inside the device converting the moisture available in the air into hydrogen gas. It will be then sucked inside the combustion chamber thru vacuum pressure created from the movement of the camshaft and pistons. So during the engines’ combustion process, this will act as a heterogeneous catalyst serving as a fuel modifier to attain total combustion of fuel.

A device to enhance combustion efficiency of an internal combustion engine. It helps the engine to burn fossil fuel completely thus eliminating harmful carbon emissions. It enhances engine performance via process of chemical reaction.
Through this process, moisture or the humidity on the atmospheric air will be converted into hydrogen vapor thus producing a heterogeneous catalyst which can be used as fuel modifier to attain total combustion of fuel on motor vehicles.
SPEEDPOWER proved the safest and most effective at improving internal combustion thereby resulting to big fuel savings, added torque / horsepower and reducing harmful vehicle emissions.

CLEANER and GREENER emission, quieter engine vibration, quicker engine response and acceleration resulting to substantial fuel savings

Get Rid of FUEL price worries.... Save up to 40% and Less Smoke Emission up to 99.99%

If you are looking for a new business or want to add a new product to your present offer, you can become distributor of our SPEEDPOWER CAR FUEL ECONOMIZER AND ANTI POLLUTION CONTROL DEVICE in your area on exclusive or non-exclusive basis.


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