Education to known SAP (SAP BWBI in Riyadh in a cheap and affordable price)

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What are steps in BI ?
Modeling :Arranging and Shaping the data and that is achieved by cleaning , Transforming and storing data from different systems into one common location.

Extraction:It is the process of extracting the data from different systems may be Non SAP or SAP systems to our BI Server.

Reporting :In reporting the data loaded in you BI server is now easily extracted and analyzed for taking management decisions.

Session 1 : (First week):
Introduction SAP BI (Business intelligence ) 7.0/ 7.3
Overview of SAP BI Architecture,

What is an InfoArea? How to Create an Infoarea?
What is an InfoObjects?How to create an InfoObjects?
What is Infoobject Catalog? How to create an InfoObjects?
How To Create an InfoObject with Characteristics, Keyfigures, Units, Time Characteristic, Technical Characteristics ?
Attributes ,Navigational Attributes , Cumulative Key fig, Non-Cumulative Key figures
What Is an Infocube? How To Create One? Type of InfoCube
Standard Infocube, Virtual Infocube, Real Time Infocube:
What Is DSO? Why Use It? What Is Standard DSO? How To Create One?
What Is Write Optimized DSO? How To Create One?
What Is Direct Update DSO? How To Create One?

How To Load Transaction Data From Flat File?
How To Load Master Data Attribute From Flat File?
How To Load Master Data Text From Flat File?
How To Load Hierarchy Data From Flat File?
Loading transaction data from flat file to DSO 7.3 ?
Loading data from DSO to InfoCube.

What is an ETL Tool, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) .
OLAP v OLTP: The OLAP Concept and differences between OLAP and OLTP .
All About Classical & Extended Star Schema.
What is Schema ? What is Extended Star Schema?

Session 2 : (Second week):
Introduction To BEx Query Designer and Query Elements.
Reporting -BEx Query Designer, Creating simple Query
Queries: New queries, Restricting Characteristics, Formulas and Exception.
Query Design: Defining Exceptions, Conditions, Restricted and Calculated.
How to Create Variable for a Given Key Figure.
Variables: Variable Types, Processing Types & Query Properties.
Component: Properties of Characteristics, Attributes, Structure, Formula &
Structures: Creating Re-usable structures.
BEx Analyzer: Create a Workbook, using a Query from BEx Query designer into a Workbook
All About Classical & Extended Star Schema.
What is Schema ? What is Extended Star Schema?
SAP Performance Optimization / Tunning.
Maintaining Aggregates in BI, Use of Aggregates, Compression, Roll Up in SAP BI
InfoCube Compression.
Line Item Dimension and High Cardinality Dimension.
How to Create Primary and Secondary Index on DSO’s.
OLAP Cache Optimization in SAP BI, Deleting a Query from OLAP Cache, RSRT, RSRCACHE.
SAP Business Intelligence Accelerator,
How to Remodeling of an Infocube,InfoProvider Redesign Functions-Remodeling .
InfoProvider Redesign Functions- Repartitioning.

Session 3 : (Third week):
Multiproviderer & InfoSet.
Multi Provider Creation Based on Sales and Planning Info Cubes.
What is InfoSet? When to Use Infosets? What are InfoSet Joins ? Creation Of Infoset.
Direct Access Source System Data using VirtualProviders.
How to Data loading using virtual Providers in SAP bi 7.0/7.3.
Implementing Virtual Infocube Based Direct Access in SAP BI 7.0.

Session 4 : (Fourth week):
How Routines within Transformations.
How Write Start Routine Update Rules Transformations and How Debug Routines.
Rule Group in transformations.
Report to Report Interface in SAP BI 7.0 /7.3 Reporting.
Open Hub Destinatin.

Session 5 : (Fivth week):
All about Process Chains in SAP BI/BW.
How To Create a Process Chain, Check Consistency of Process Chain, Activate a Process Chain
How To Assign Process Chain To Application Component, Activate a Process Chain
How to Monitor Process Chains.
SAP BI Content Installation.
Extraction from ECC Tables,
Master Data loading from ECC 6.0 to BI 7.0 using Generic.
Transaction Data loading from ECC 6.0 to BI 7.0 using Generic.
SAP Netweaver 7.3 New Features.

* Original SAP study material (pdf) and complete guideline for certification will be given for free
* With this course , Free installation of SAP BI 7.0 and 7.3 on Laptop or PC .
* SAP BI Real Time Interview Questions pdf.

Duration = 25 Classes (1 month)
Individual classes (Classroom). Daily 1 hour ..... After 4pm 9 pm
Free Demo Class Daily 1 hour.
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