SAP BO Consultant – Course Content – 20 hours

SAP BO Course Curriculum:

SAP Business Objects Course Curricullum :
1. Information Design Tools
2. Universe Designer
3. Live Office
4. Dashboard (Xcelcius)
5. Web Rich Client ( Web Intelligence)
6. Query As A Web Service
7. Crystal Report

1. Information Design Tools
What is the Information Design Tool (IDT)
Create a project • Create a connection to a relational database (Single and Multiple databases)
Create the data foundation with Single & Multiple databases • Define the different types joins in a data foundation
Create a business layer • Create folders and objects
Resolve Loops and Use alias • Resolve Loops Use contexts
Resolving the fan traps and Chasm traps problem
Define data restrictions • Work with LOVs
Use Parameters restrict data • Create Derived Tables
Maintain universes • Deploy and manage and maintain universes
Documentation of the universes • SAP BW Integration with BO
Creating OLAP Connection(Using BICS middleware)

2. Universe Designer
Understanding how universes allow users to query databases using their everyday business
Creating an ODBC connection to the course database
Creating a universe
Populating the universe structure
Defining joins in a universe

3. Live Office
How Data can be extracted using Live office
Extracting data in Xcelcius using Live Office

4.Dashboard (Xcelcius)
Introducing Crystal Xcelcius with SAP implementation options.
Create a Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard from SAP data stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
sourced through Crystal Reports or Web Intelligence
Create a Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard fon SAP data stored in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
created through the use of live Office
Create a Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard from SAP data stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
Created through the use of query as a Web Service (QaaWS)
Crystal Xcelsius Dashboards Using Analytics as part of Dashboard Manager
Create an Analytic Dashboard from SAP data through a Universe

5.Web Rich Client ( Web Intelligence)
Introduction to desktop intelligence
Report Creation
Publishing the report

6.Query as Web service:
Usage of Query as web service
How to configure and use
Viewing the Universe and Webi reports using web service
Viewing the Crystal XCelsius reports using web service

6.Crystal Report:
in this course, you will connect to a database to extract data and present it as a report.
You will:
Identify the elements of the Crystal Reports interface.
Create and modify a basic report.
Use formulas to calculate and filter data.
Build a parameterized report.
Group report data.
Enhance a report.
Create a report using data from an Excel workbook.
Distribute data.

Understanding how universes allow you to query database using everyday business terms
Understanding Web Intelligence core functionalities
Creating a document in the Web Intelligence Rich Client
Viewing a Web Intelligence document in Info View
Building a simple query
Modifying a document query
Working with query properties
Restricting data with query filters
Modifying a query with a predefined query filter
Applying a single-value query filter
Using prompts to restrict data
Using complex filters
Working in the Report Panel
Displaying data in tables and charts
Using breaks and cross tabs
Formatting break, calculations, and report filters
Formatting breaks and cross tabs
Using default and custom sorts
Ranking data to see top or bottom values
Using alerter to highlight information
Organizing a report into sections
Copying data to other applications
Preparing document for PDF and print
Document formatting
Exporting documents from the Rich Client
Accessing Info View

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