Natural Glow Beauty Parlour
Only For Ladies & Kids.

Hair Cutting
Basic Trims : Straight ,V cut , U cut : 25 to 30 SR
Advance Layers :50 -70 -100SR (According to length)
Step cut:50 -70SR (According to length)
Deep 'V' and ' U' : 50 SR
Round cut, Veg cut, Blunt cut , Chick blunt : 25 SR
Bangs, Fringes& Front cut :25 SR

Eyebrows: 15 SR
Eyebrows Tint: 20 SR
Eyebrows bleach: 20 SR
Upper lip , Forehead, Chin ,Sides: 10 SR (Each)
Full Face: 50 SR
Neck: 15 SR

Hands: 50(Full)/ 35 (half) SR with Massage & Mask
Legs: 70 (full) /50 (half) SR with Massage & Mask
Full Body: 220 SR with Mask
Full Back: 70 SR with Mask
Full face wax: 50 SR
Full face Mask & Gel: 70 SR
Chin, Neck, Fore Head, Cheek: 15 SR (Each)
Upper lip: 10SR

Manicure & Pedicure :
Manicure :50 SR
Pedicure : 60 SR
Hand Spa : 80SR
Foot Spa: 100 SR
Foot reflexology: 80SR

HAIR REBOUNDING/ PERMANENT Straightening, Rebounding, Smoothening,
Keratin: 550 SR minimum (shoulder length)
Price depends on hair length.

Body Treatment
Body massage: 200SR
Body spa: 300SR
Stone massage: 250SR
Herbal massage: 250SR
Steam &body peeling /Scrub: 150SR
Jolene, Herbal bleach: 20SR
Fruit bleach: 25 SR: Gold Bleach: 30 SR
Oxy bleach: 25 SR
Bleach for Hands. 70SR (Full) / Half 50 SR with Mask
Bleach for Legs.100 SR (Full) / Half 60 SR with Mask

Fruit cleanup: 40 SR
Herbal cleanup: 30 SR
Gold clean up: 50 SR
Deep cleansing: 50 SR for oily skin
Cleansing-toning& Moisturizing: 60 SR

Herbal :50 SR : Fruit :60 SR
Gold:100 SR : Diamond:.120 SR
Fair &Whitening Facial :100 SR
Pearl Whitening:150 SR
Natural Fruit Facial fresh fruit : 90 SR
Radiance Glow Facial : 80 SR
Dry skin facial : 80 SR
Skin re-new facial with casmera facepack :150 SR
Sensitive skin facial with casmera facepack150 SR
Gold facial with casmera gold facepack -200 SR
Achne Facial :100 SR : Wrinklelift :100 SR

Ironing, Blow dry, Curling: 50SR (shoulder length)
Hair washing & conditioning: 25 SR
Hair henna: 50 SR (shoulder length)
Hair Spa: 100 SR (shoulder length)
Hot oil head massage: 30 SR
Hair dye: 50SR with color

Highlight, Lowlight, and Hair streaking: Ombre:
Price depends on hair length

Make up Normal: 100SR
Make up Bridal: 500SR
Make up Party: 200SR
Make up Smoky: 150SR
4 PM TO 10 PM (Sunday to Thursday)
9 AM TO 10 PM (Friday &Saturday)
Contact: 0532308067(Ladies only) street no 3 FAHAD STREET