055-9564344 IB-IGCSE-MYP-ICSE Tuition in Dubai

IB-ICSE-ISC Maths Tuition 150 AED Per Hour 055-9564344

ICSE-ISC Maths Class in Sheikh Zayed Road
(Modern High School Students)
ISC+ ICSE Maths CRASH Course in 30 Classes 0559564344

CRASH COURSE FOR (ICSE+ ISC) In 30 Class (Call: 055-9564344)
Complete Whole Course of (ICSE+ ISC) with Books-Past Papers-Question Bank
Guaranteed 90 % out of (ICSE+ ISC)
1.All Past Papers-Question Banks-Books Provided
2.Chapters wise Assignments
3.Curriculum Covered from All Books
4. All Past papers questions Covered
5. Personal Attentions
6.Weekly Improvement Test
7. Help in doing IA-EE-ITGS
8. Forthrightly Mock Test
9. Worksheets-Assignments Provided
10. Group Discussion on All Topics

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