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Physics Tutor IB HL- SL Physics Studies (Group class) 150 AED Per hour
Physics Tutor A-AS-IGCSE (Group Class) 150 AED Per Hour
Location: Sheikh Zayed Road (Near Emirates Tower Metro Station)
(More than 15+ Years of exp in Dubai) Call: 055-9564344

Qualified Physics tutor for academic upkeep, guidance and home tuition.

Learn Physics-Chemistry (IB-IGCSE)

Experienced teacher for result oriented study. Special preparation with the help of past papers with accurate exam techniques. All days Class in Sheikh Zayed Road

IB Higher Level Physics-Chemistry-Maths SL-HL
IB Standard Level Physics-Chemistry-Maths
IB Physics-Chemistry
A Level Physics Tutor Dubai
Maths-Physics-Chemistry Group Class
Maths-Physics-Chemistry Group Class in Sheikh Zayed Road
Maths-Physics-Chemistry Group Class
Physics-Chemistry Tutor in UAE-Dubai Near Emirates Tower Metro Station

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Call: Dr Anil Khare

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