Get real with your Chinese in a short time!

Improve your Chinese with an experienced native instructor possessing a major in Chinese literature and a collective six years' teaching experience. My objective is to accelerate your Chinese skill naturally in a comfortable and convenient environment like a cafe or other such relaxed settings. The only thing you need to bring is the personal will to succeed.

Understandably, spoken Chinese is a priority for many students of the language. To this end I use thought-provoking text and interactive dialogue that have proven to be very effective in drawing out natural Chinese from a variety of non-native speakers. Not limited to oral Chinese, I can assist with General Chinese, Daily Chinese, Business Chinese, HSK Chinese exam, and other Special Chinese upon your request. Cover these bases, while building complementary listening, speaking, reading skill, and watch opportunities begin to bloom.

With a helping hand you needn't let weak Chinese hold back your academic, professional or personal development. All it takes is the decision to make changes that can bring positive results for your better life, better work, and better personal development in the very near future. Please use the provided contact info to jump start your Chinese:

Email: [email protected]
Cell/Wechat: 13651712893