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Cheap Rent Single Bed Space Available with all Facilities 4 Arabic, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan Bachelor's Sharing Accommodation in Non-Crowded Room in Deira, Dubai. In Baniyas Metro Station in Deira, Dubai, In this rent include all (Free Water, Free Electricity, Free Internet, Sharing Kitchen, Kitchen Cabinet & Free Cooking Gas, Free Daily Cleaning Services, Free Laundry) Free Bed And Mattress, Our all Rooms are Neat and Clean, Split AC, Fridge, Microwave, Washing Machine, Dress/Clothes Hanging Stand, SEPARATE Cupboard, Closed Shoe Rack and iron & iron Stand, Balcony, Kitchen and Bath with room and Other all Basic Facilities Available in this room. Super Market, Restaurant and Bus Stop very close to this room,

All Other Basic Facilities Also Available in This Room Free,
(DAILY Biases Rent - 100 AED)
(WEEKLY Biases Rent - 300 AED)
(MONTHLY Biases Rent - 900 AED)

My Room Location: Baniyas Metro Station Road Deira, Dubai
Contact: Mr Rehan
Please Contact Call # 00971-54 39-97-245