Hello, everyone!

I'm a certified TCSL Teacher in Shanghai (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language), and I have been teaching Chinese to foreign people for four years. I have given classes that include conversational and business Chinese lessons and offered assistance to learners preparing for the HSK and BCT. I have experience teaching beginners all the way to advance level students with various requests concerning their speaking, writing skills, and reading and listening comprehension. I am a very flexible teacher; I can come to your place to teach you Chinese. And even though I provide material for the class, I am always open to any suggestion my students might have in order to make the class more effective and helpful for them.

I will give a FREE 30-MINUTE around DEMO CLASS to those interested in learning Chinese with me. This will allow me to evaluate the level you are at in terms of learning Chinese and also give you the opportunity to evaluate my classes, teaching methods, to get familiar with the material we will use in our class, and to see if there’s any connection in between. Also the more classes you enroll for the lower fee it will be

Email me to set up a meeting. I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

Thank you.

Email: [email protected]
Mobile/Wechat: 13651712893