I am a licensed native Chinese teacher offering Chinese lessons to students who would like to improve their Chinese.

I am currently teaching as a part time Chinese teacher for a Chinese Academy in Shanghai, and have 5 years experience teaching all levels to meet their all study targets.

I have a degree in teaching Chinese, and my passion really is teaching, and I love Chinese teaching.

We can work on fluent conversation, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary etc. Any area in which you would like huge improvement.

Interesting conversation topics can include:
Unit 1 Transport 交通
Unit 2 Meal 用餐
Unit 3 Fast Food 快餐
Unit 4 Traveling 旅游
Unit 5 Shopping 购物
Unit 6 Bank 银行
Unit 7 Post office 邮局
Unit 8 About Shelters 买房租房
Unit 9 Mending 维修
Unit 10 Housework 家务劳动
Unit 11 Seeing a Doctor 求医问药
and more, even the tailor-made.

I teach private class 1-1. Also group lessons are welcome, if you have a friend you would like to learn with, let them know!

I am offering a free 30 min around meeting, and I am flexible, can come to meet you at your convenience.

I hope to hear from you soon!

E: [email protected]
M: 13651712893