Ni hao!

Have you ever been dancing with arms and legs to express what you want to say in a public? Have you ever been keeping silent while you are with your friends, colleges, and clients due to your influent Chinese speaking? And Have you ever been confident and what’s your feeling at that time while seeing your friends, colleges, and clients talking and laughing in Chinese, but you were quiet or just nodded or smiled, or lowered your head to play your mobile? Have you ever been in such situation that language barrier or problem still exist even though after you’re studying Chinese for quite a period of time? Do you feel isolated and lonely sometimes living and working in China, because of the unsmooth Chinese communication? Would you like to get you speak Chinese fluently, and improve your Chinese language skills? Now all these problems can be solved. I am here to help you.

I'm a certified, experienced native Chinese teacher who has been teaching Mandarin for 5 years. All my students are from various countries at different levels (beginner/intermediate/advanced) and different focuses (speaking/reading/listening/characters/culture/HSK/tailor-made). They love my teaching style because of its relaxation and obvious effect. I have my confidence to help you get your Chinese speaking more fluent, speak more confidently, and achieve any of your Chinese study goals

I have my flexible schedule, 45 mins free meeting, reasonable rates and tailor-made learning proposal for every unique student.

Contact me if you are interested.

Mobile : 13651712893
Email: [email protected]
Wechat: global-chinese