If you are looking for a good Chinese teacher. I would like to help you with your study. And I can guarantee, you can achieve any of your Study goals after you choose me as your good teacher!

Teaching experience:
I am a licensed Chinese teacher, working as a part time Mandarin Chinese teacher in a good language training school since the year 2008. I teach well and was considered to be one of the top teachers. Some of my students can talk in fluent Chinese after a couple of months study with me. My students are very satisfied with me. They all made good progress soon after taking my course. We are still good friends till now.

Teaching style:
I have made my own teaching method over years of Chinese teaching. I know how to make my student interested in Chinese learning, how to make the learning easier, faster and more practical. I know exactly what the students want, and to give what they need. Apart from class teaching, I often afford some Chinese learning tips for my students to help them get to know more information of Chinese culture and daily or their work-related information. I think a Mandarin teacher should be the master in a general way for her expat students

Tailor made learning plan:
I specially customize learning plan for each student. Because they are of different ages, occupations, learning objectives and interests. And I will suggest different course, and present different study materials for each student, based on her/his level, interest and target!

Would you like a free trial lesson before you decide whether to study with me? My teaching schedule is flexible, and I can come to your preferred place at your convenience!

Please feel free to reach me directly for any concern. Thanks.

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 13651712893