%%% ONLINE CLASSES for professionals and students ease%%% Hi everyone, I am the IELTS expert and professionally trained tutor, qualified from National University of Modern Languages and certified from British Educational and Training System. I have been helping people to reach their IELTS targets for over 9 years. I can teach you everything you need to know about passing the IELTS test, including the specific structure and style that IELTS examiners expect. I guarantee 7.5 and above in four weeks training. I am also providing the services related with different Courses of English Language Conversation: *Course modules are as follows: -Oral Presentation (Frequent speaking in English) -Grammar (Using proper Rules and Regulations of English) -Language Skills (strong and excellent accent) -Phonetic Research (with American and British accent) -Focused Listening (with the help of Listening material) -Effective Speaking (Frequent conversation) -Presentation Skills (Business and Professional Presentation) -Vocabulary Development (Bunch of General word which are using in routine life) All writing, listening, speaking and reading materials will be provided free of cost. If you need to get a specific score in the IELTS test, join our course and I will teach you the specific techniques and skills you need. My lessons have helped hundreds of people to reach their IELTS goal, so join our course today and I will help you, too! Weekend CLASSES also available ##### Feel free to call on imo or whats app at 0599212942 or +447459926184