IELTS, TOEFL, STEPS and PTE, for highly paid jobs

Hi everyone,
I am the IELTS expert and professionally trained tutor, qualified from National University of Modern Languages and certified from British Educational and Training System. I have been helping people to reach their IELTS targets for over 9 years. I can teach you everything you need to know about passing the IELTS test, including the specific structure and style that IELTS examiners expect. Therefore, one of my students took band 8.5 recently in Oct and before this, I have a range of students with band 8.0.

I guarantee 7.5 and above in four weeks training. I also provide the services related to different English Language Conversation Courses:

*Course modules are as follows:

-Oral Presentation (Fluently speaking and naturally responding in IELTS Speaking)

-Grammar (Using proper Rules and Regulations in IELTS writing and speaking)

-Language Skills (strong and excellent accent)
-Phonetic Research (with American and British accent which directly helps in IELTS Listening)

-Focused Listening (with the help of Listening tips and arranged material)

-Effective Speaking (Frequent conversation on IELTS speaking all parts)

-Presentation Skills (Business and Professional Presentation)

-Vocabulary Development (Bunch of General words which are used in IELTS Writing and Speaking frequently)

NB: All writing, listening, speaking and reading materials will be provided free of cost to the registered students. If you are looking for a Targeted Score in the exam, then join our course and I will personally mentor you the specific techniques and skills you need. My lessons have helped hundreds of people to reach their IELTS goal, so join our course today and I will help you, too!

For any further inquiry feel free to contact:
+966 599 212 942 (imo/WhatsApp)
+4474 599 261 84 (imo/WhatsApp)