I’m a native certificated Chinese Mandarin teacher. I have been teaching Chinese for more than 7 years. I like helping people.
So I have lots of students and friends from different countries.

As you know, almost all of foreigners who live in China like to learn Chinese because of their occupations, their daily lives or their hobbies.

And they thought:
*All the Chinese teachers are the same, so I prefer the price as cheap as possible.
*The more expensive the better the teacher is.
*The teacher should be good at English.

After learning Chinese for a period of time, some of them could speak fluent Chinese. However, some of them confused:
*I have learned Chinese for 2 years, but I can't speak any more.
*I know more than 500 words, but I can’t make/speak a long whole Chinese sentence.
*Many Chinese cannot understand what I said.

How to choose a right suitable Chinese teacher? I can help!

Email me: [email protected] or call me: 13651712893.

Ps:Many of my foreign friends and my students often ask me to help them finding an apartment, a housekeeper, booking a table in a restaurant by telephone, asking the way and so on. Do you also need the above help?

Email me: [email protected] or call me or wechat me : 13651712893.