Learn Chinese faster! Get a good teacher!
Are you searching for a professional Mandarin tutor? You don’t want to waste your time anymore? Contact me today! Together we will select study materials and teaching methods which will be perfect for you!
I am a professional Mandarin tutor with more than 4 years of experience in both one-on-one and group teaching.
I always tailor my program to meet my students’ needs to maximum their Chinese learning efficiency, bring them effective results they want. I am highly experienced in teaching all aspects of language including:

- Accent reduction
- conversation skills and strategies (life/work/travel)
- vocabulary, grammar, punctuation
- Listening, speaking, reading, writing
- Business topics, email, presentation skills
-HSK exam preparation
- Chinese for Specific Purposes
- Chinese for Academic Purposes

I am sure I will be a great help in your process of learning.
Please feel free to email me for further details: [email protected] or call me at 13651712893.
Wechat: global-chinese