I can help you achieve your Chinese study goals in a short time. I can make learning a language effortless and enjoyably.

Are you living in a community where you don't get to speak any Chinese? Is everyone you deal with on a daily basis not a Mandarin speaker? Would you like to learn Chinese language, or improve your Chinese skills?

I would love to help you with that. And I help many foreigners succeed in speaking fluent Chinese, reading Chinese, passing HSK, bringing the convenience and happiness, and success to their life, work, study, and even travel. I know what the foreign learners lack, need, and I know exactly how to help, bring them happiness and satisfaction. I work with all levels so if you don't know a word of Chinese or really know a lot, I can instruct you and/or improve you to get you better. .

You will find that your teacher is :
-Native Chinese, Majored in Chinese, Certificated
--Speak standard mandarin and fluent English
--5 years experience in both professional language school and private tutoring
--Extensive experience in both one to one tutoring and group tutoring, from primary to advanced levels
--Tailored teaching plan according to your level and needs
-- General Chinese language classes, Spoken Chinese, Daily Chinese, Chinese Culture, Literature and History Introduction, Business Chinese, HSK Preparation, Children's Course, Tailor-made Chinese
--Online Skype tutoring is also provided
Learning Chinese with me is most effective, and relaxing, and enjoyable. Interested, please feel free to contact me at the following address. Hope to talk to you soon.

Contact: [email protected]
Tel: 13651712893.