I'm a patient, fun and enthusiastic Chinese mandarin teacher who really understands the challenges of becoming fluent in a second language- particularly the challenges for native English speaker. I graduated with honors in English Literature, then taught beginner to advanced Chinese conversation at some language schools in Shanghai for several years while studying English and completing a documentary. In recent years, most of my work experience has been in the fields of teaching mandarin. I approach teaching from a learner's perspective ("How would I learn to this"), and encourage my students to actively practice their Chinese in different context. We'll work on creative ways to improve your conversational skills, grammar, pronunciation and confidence in an environment that's both fun and interactive.

The Daily Topic is helping you master basic words and sentences for your daily life. Function Topic is helping you express your meaning more exactly and vividly, just like a native speaker. Business Topic is helping you communicate with your Chinese client professionally.

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Phone/Wechat: 13651712893