You in work, life, and even traveling in China have met with Chinese language communication obstacles?

You need a friendly, patient, motivate, qualified, experienced Chinese teacher to help you learn and improve your Chinese?

You have never ever been headache by the time and venue for the class?

Here you will find a perfect solution. I am Shanghai local Chinese teacher; I hold my master degree in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language issued by from east China normal university. I have more than 5 year’s Chinese teaching experience. My students come from all over the world, such as Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Turkey, South Korea, Japan and other countries. No matter what your Chinese level, what kind of Chinese you would like to learn for daily life, business, HSK exam or you have your special requirement, I can satisfy you, and bring you the efficient Chinese learning result to improve your Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing (optional), to make your life, work, study in China easier, successful, and happier. The students of beginning, intermediate, advanced level are all welcome. I can help you learn Chinese, students of beginning level, intermediate, advanced level are all welcome. I will help you effectively, happy to learn Chinese.

My contact way: [email protected]
My phone: 13651712893
My wechat: global-chinese