Assalamualikum warehmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

Seeking Groom Any master or bachelor professional graduate belonging to a decent and religious family well settled in Hyderabad (working in Saudi Arabia)

***She's not iqama holder

Note: (we didn't label our self to Ahle-Hadeth or any other jamat, we call our self as just Muslim we follow only Quran & Hadith and sharia rules based on Quran & Hadith )

Pakistani people's please don't waste our time

Details About
Status: (Never married)
Age:-22 Year of birth 1996,
Complexion: - Fair,
Education: SSC Passed English medium,

Father: businessman
Mother: house wife
Brother 4 :

Note: Only serious people who feel that our profile matches their requirements please contact us because when it comes to the matter of a girl, we cannot send pics to everyone

Second marriage people and& Non Hyderabad, Agents, please excuse.

Interested parents or guardians can Email Groom's details to [email protected]
WhatsApp/ Contact: #00966571706717
Note don’t ask me directly bride picture within minute