Looking for my younger sister

*Gender:* Female
*Age:* 26
*Location:* Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
*Nationality:* Pakistani, but born and brought up in Saudi.
*Height:* 5" 3
*Marital Status:* never married

*Info:* My sister is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Islamic Psychology while studying Arabic grammar. She has completed a four year, certified Tajweed course and is teaching it in an Institute to adults.
She is a fairly enthusiastic, friendly person who loves long drives and adventures. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, playing sports, reading books, and travelling.
She adheres to the sharia'ah niqaab and is an open minded, easy going muslimah who likes to approach life based on Islamic principles while balancing deen and dunya.

*Looking for*: She's looking for someone settled in Saudi (Jeddah or nearby) between the age of 27-33. Any nationality is welcome but preferably with a Pakistani/Arab background.
She would like a spouse who aspires to give the deen importance, someone practicing to the best of his ability (adhering to the shariah Islamic beard), caring and understanding. Someone supportive in the religious upbringing of the children In sha Allah.
A good sense of humor would be appreciated too :)

Our family are followers of the Quran and Sunnah and we do not follow nor have any cast/group/mathahib preferences.

**IMPORTANT:** Please contact *only* if the groom has a sharia'ah beard and lives in Saudi Arabia.

We apologize but we won't be accepting Indian proposals due to passport issues. We however do not mind if you have a different nationality and if your *background* is Indian.