Highly Educated and Experienced Chinese Teacher in Shanghai/Skype

If you want the BEST Chinese education with a highly educated and experienced Chinese teacher from one of the top universities in the world, then you have come to the right place. I have my Master Degree in Teaching Chinese as a foreign Language, bachelor degree in English, all issued by the East Chinese Normal University, the best university in China where professional, qualified Chinese teachers are cultivated and trained.

I have also been successfully teaching Chinese for over 9 years. So if you are looking for the BEST in Chinese tutoring in this highly competitive world, please look no further. I have a 99% success rate and have even helped students change their life and work for better, even better themselves.

I have the extensive experience teaching foreigners of all ages at all level from all over the world, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherland, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, India, UAE, etc. Learners are from different background, from official government, business owner, management, professionals, professor, interns, wives, students, and travelers, and etc.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and my lessons are not only fun and very interesting, but enlightening and life changing for the better. Specifically, I also teach a broad base of knowledge as well as using genre pedagogy as a teaching methodology for Chinese. Genre Pedagogy involves using a variety of whole texts including film to learn grammar, Chinese usage, and sentence structure, so students learn how to read, comprehend, and construct whole Chinese texts.

Lessons will not only cover your individual Chinese requirements such as improved grammar, sentence structure, Chinese usage, rhetoric ( the art of persuasion), conversation, presentations, research skills, academic writing, business and technical writing, speaking, listening, rhetorical critical analysis, critical reading and thinking, etc., but I can also get you ready for the exam, HSK, BCT, YCT, etc., offer you advice on how to get your mind more clear, focused, and teach you how to obtain high levels of Chinese study efficiency!

Satisfaction, Happiness, and Success are your birthright!

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