Do you want to improve your Chinese language skills with a native Chinese speaker? Do you want to live easily, happily in China for a better life? Do you want to have more chances in your work, career? Do you want to get succeed or developed in your business in China? Do you want to complete your wish inside of your heart for a long time in learning Chinese? Do you want to get improved, better yourself in the society?

I am a licensed qualified private Chinese tutor with over 8 years of experience tutoring a range of students, including school-age, university and qualified professionals both in shanghai, china and worldwide. I have a Master of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and a Bachelor of Business English, and certificates of TCSL and Mandarin Chinese language.

In 2010 I established my own private Chinese language tutoring service in Shanghai, China, and I am committed to delivering highly effective individualized Chinese language programs. I provide a range of individual Chinese tuition services, including General Chinese, Daily Chinese, Survival Chinese, Spoken Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese Exam(HSK), Special Chinese, Customized Chinese, Chinese Culture, and etc. The Chinese tutoring lessons could be held at the students preferred place, and the teaching schedule is flexible, upon students’ request. All is very tailored, and at an affordable low cost!

My students describe me as a very professional teacher who can easily develop study material and course according to each student's needs, and bring the students maximum convenience and study efficient result ! .

I look forward to the opportunity to assist you with developing your Chinese language skills.

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Wechat : ChineseTutorinLesson
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