English has become a universal medium of communication as it is widely spoken across the globe. It is also the language of science and technology. Now, the medium of instruction in most of the countries at educational institutions is English. Therefore, mastering the accurate use of academic English is indispensable to perform better and improve our learning experiences. However, it is not an easy task for the students and learners whose native language is not English. They have to strive for developing English proficiency.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) divides the English language into six distinct proficiency levels, A1 to C2, which can be further regrouped into three broad levels: basic user (A1-A2), independent user (B1-B2), and proficient user (C1-C2).

This course is designed for IGCSE, O-level, A-level, IB and university students to improve their knowledge and understanding of English grammar and develop academic writing skills. After identifying the current level of our prospective learners, we provide specialized lessons and practical tips tailored according to their potential needs and use of the language. In general, A-level students and below are taught at an intermediate level, whereas university students are taught at the advanced level.

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