Professional Chinese teacher is available to offer effective Mandarin Lessons to foreigners in Shanghai

With several years experience in teaching foreigners; I help you learn in a fast and effective way -- flexible to your requirements and your own schedule. If you're a beginner wanting to survive in a new country, or maybe an experienced speaker wanting to deepen your skills (or anything in-between) I can help you reach your goals.

In our classes we will focus on practical listening and spoken Chinese and reading or writing or both (if required) to meet your personal objectives, whether that is for life, business, travel, or HSK exam or just for personal interest. In our classes we can also include topics on Chinese culture, art & history, current affair, so that you can learn an appreciation about all dimensions of China.

I can teach either at your office, home or other convenient location, I am available to teach on both weekdays and weekends, from mornings through to after work, flexible to meet your situation. Tuition is reasonable, and definitely, you can accept.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss more: [email protected] or call me at 13651712893