I'm a qualified, experienced Chinese tutor with a background of teaching foreigners on all levels from basic to advanced. I'm confident I can deliver what you need at an affordable price.

I will provide books that we can go through during the session or if you prefer we can use your own books. I will also set you tasks and homework for when we meet next session.

I love tutoring for a number of reasons: I am excited about words, I enjoy sharing all that I've learned along the way, and I love watching students progress. I also strongly believe in establishing a real relationship between the tutor and the tutee. Everyone learns in a slightly different way, and it's absolutely critical that the tutor approach his or her role as such. My job is not simply to instruct, but to get to know my students, to listen to them and observe how they work, in order to provide the most optimal and holistic kind of academic mentorship that I can.

If you are interested, welcome to contact me [email protected] / 13651712893

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!