HVAC /Tech Engineer available for commissioning Testing , Industrial Process Chillers,Central ,TRANE, ZAMIL, PETRA , CARRIER, Chiller, package Unit,experienced Aramco 40 tons to 900 Chiller maintenance. Extensive practical knowledge on the VRF / VRV Mechanical & Electrical estimation.

Highly confident in diagnostic of various component of the Chilller's fault and Industrial Enclosure Shelter Cooling.

I do work with my own hand for Chiller's and Vortex Cooling Control mother board component based repairing, Primary and secondary circuit fault diagnostic , compressor repairing, valve issues, freezing suction pressure and know complete procedure of chiller working with cooling tower. Chiller Water ppm Analyzer calibration. Also have strong ability to present chiller technology to customer.

Availability for short and long term . Sabic, Aramco, Saudi Electric, Petrochemical Industry experienced.

Cont : Saeed
Commissioning Testing , Installation Performance Testing.
Air Cooled Chillers, Process Chillers

Mob 0595 27 39 34
E: [email protected]