Note: Only applicants in Saudi Arabia and with transferable IQAMA will be considered.

Duties & Responsibilities

•Implementing, installing, configuring and maintaining software applications like ERP, HHT, and HRIS Systems, and carrying out the work of upgrading the systems regularly
•Testing the computer applications to ensuring that the computer systems and applications are working optimally
•Providing technical support to company staff in software applications and systems issues regarding maintenance and troubleshoots
•Performing coding, benchmark testing, debugging, and documenting utility programs, job control language, macros, subroutines, and other software system control modules.
•Implementing software and hardware requirements for the company systems and applications.
•Training End-Users on new applications and enhancements.
•Interacting with key/end users of various departments in order to optimize the utilization of implemented applications and systems.
•Providing security measures, troubleshooting, and maintenance as needed
•Performing back up operations periodically, and ensuring all required file systems and system data are successfully backed up to the appropriate media
•Creating new system accounts for all newly appointed employees, and updating the contact list periodically or when needed.
•Participating in training of concerned staff in the company to use system software.
•Evaluating interface between hardware and software, and operational and performance requirements of overall system.
•Developing the software system testing procedures, programming, and documentation.

Required Educational Level and Certificates: Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering,Information Technology or any related discipline.

Required Experience: 2 years minimum in related filed.