Hello dear parent or student!

I am an experienced tutor and educator, and I would love to help you (or your child) understand science. I have tutored well over 200 students individually. I also teach college courses and SAT Biology/Chemistry test prep classes. My strength is in motivating and connecting with students while simplifying difficult concepts. I strongly believe in good study habits and the power of mnemonic devices for remembering important information. I tune into my students so both of us enjoy working together and learning. I have helped students excel through better performance on homework assignments, class projects, exams and standardized tests.

I tutor a wide range of science and math:
Biology - Regents, SAT II, AP
Chemistry - Regents, SAT II, AP
Physics - Regents, SAT II, AP
Algebra - Common Core, Regents
Geometry - Common Core, Regents/CALL/01010115960