WOC Est. is a low current system contractor which is engaged in the design, installation, maintenance, testing, & commissioning.

The following systems are our scope of work;

2. Public Address System
3. Access Control System
4. Fire Alarm
5. Intrusion Detection
6. Physical Security i.e. Arm barriers, Bollards, etc.
7. X-ray and Walk-through Metal Detectors

Should you require solutions involving the mentioned systems, please contact us with the below details;

Nelson Navarro, PECE, ASEAN Eng.
World of Control
P.O. Box 87988, Riyadh 11652
Tel.No.: +96611 275 2567
Fax No. +96611 275 8891
Mob.Ph. Nos. : +966558547214; +966560367924
E-mail: [email protected]