Begin your VAT journey with confidence and understand the concept of Taxation, VAT compliance, and the impact of VAT on the business organization in Saudi Arabia. Tally ERP 9 is one of the perfect business management solution and VAT compliance software.

With the combination of function, control and customization built Tally ERP 9 permits, business owners, and their partners to manage all their accounts, finance, payroll, taxation, sales, inventory management and much more.

VAT is collected at each stage of the Value Addition in the supply chain and the input tax reduction mechanism ensures that companies act as tax administrators or tax collectors of the government.

First thing is about ensuring all the financial transactions are recorded and books of accounts are accurate and up to date. Your books of accounts act as an evidence for minimum annual turnover threshold limit for VAT registration.

Start recording all your business financial transactions with Tally ERP 9 software which is highly recommended as a VAT accounting software solution for all the business enterprises in Saudi Arabia.

VAT ready means that you need to pay VAT for goods and services subject to taxation, note the VAT paid for purchases, such as the tax return, and finally, you must file a VAT declaration on a regular basis.

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