Dear IELTS seekers!

While YOU will focus on IELTS preparation, WE shall take care of your IELTS EXAM FEE

This means that IELTS TEST REGISTRATION (SR1150) is awarded to the ONE outstanding candidate in each study group (starting January 25 and 26). Others will get FEE CONCESSIONS based on admission test results.


1. Duration: 6 weeks + 2 extended weeks
2. Study Sessions: 90 minutes x 3 days a week
3. Different days for female students (separate classes)
4. Syllabus: As recommended by British Council / IELTS-ORG
5. Books & Educational Resources: provided at no additional cost.
6. Ex-TOEFL Academy Founder with over 20+ years of IELTS experience.

For further information : [email protected]