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Business visit visa 3,6, months(Including for ladies)
New degrees nd certificates
Diploma’s based on your Job/work
Technical diploma’s
Professional diploma’s
Vocational diploma’s
Degree’s attestation(Saudi Embassy,MOFA,HEC)
Family visit into permanent visa
Transfer parents to dependent
1_Cancel transfer request(Riyadh only)
Change iqama profession(#Riyadh only)
3_Renew student #iqama (Age 23 to 28)
_Final exit on (#Huroob)
5_Student transfer to any company without papers from their sponsors..(Riyadh)
6_Transfer #Dependent to Company/Muasasa()
7_Update Insurance for Dependents only..
8_New sponsor(temporary transfer)
9_Profession change (Riyadh sponsor only)
Renew Iqama without #Insurance.(Age 70 to 75)
Cancel Transfer Request from labour office(Riyadh)
Iqama Muaqata/ First iqama
New file in Maktab amal #Riyadh
Lost Iqama
Lost Passport
Correct name on iqama
Print Jawazat,
Exit re entry(Kafeel Died)
Update passport in jawazat
Jawazat Problems.
Matloob Print
Final Exit On #Visit visa
Appointment for Civil affairs
Appointment in ministry of justice
Maroor Services
Jawazat service
Maktab amal
Issue work visa
New file in maktab amal
Adding Zakat and income text
Gosi and tameenat for for Company/establishments
Many more work related to maktab al amal
Court sevices
Personal affairs court and notary service
Criminal court services
Justice court service
Foreign affairs
Police cases

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