No one likes huge electricity bills. If you are looking for energy efficient lighting options, then Solar Lights are perfect for you. These lights work on solar energy and make up for great Outdoor Solar Light without compromising on power and beauty.

LEDMyplace brings you the best Outdoor Solar Lights that add to the beauty of your outdoors in an environment-friendly way. Easy to maintain, our Solar Lights are IP67 Waterproof making it the best choice for any Outdoor settings. These lights are waterproof and thus are easy to maintain without getting affected by moisture and raindrops. Made of heavy duty ABS Plastic and aluminum, Solar Lights by LEDMyplace are durable considering these can handle any wear and tear.

● Material Used: ABS Plastic & Aluminium

● Light Power: 4W, 650lm

● Battery : 37V 4400mAh Li-ion

● Switches: On/Off and Automatic

● Solar Panel: 1W/6V

Ideal for large space illumination, Solar Lights by LEDMyplace is designed for high-efficiency economic performance that goes on uninterrupted for years. Get your own lights now and enhance the beauty of your outdoors like never before.

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