Flood Lights are exterior commercial lighting devices. These lights are used to illuminate large areas. In recent years due to high rise in electric bills LEDs have paved a wide path for themselves. LEDMyPlace is a top known brand in LED lighting solutions. From our wide inventory, we introduce to you the best in class LED Flood Light 50W. These are ideal outdoor LED Flood Lights for illuminating large spaces after the sunset. Being broadly beamed and high intensity lights our flood light is much superior to spotlights.

Here are some advantages of our LED Flood Light 50 Watt 5700K Black Finish

● Highly energy efficient – It can replace 250-watt metal halide light thus saving 200 watts on each replacement.

● 6500 lumens, beam angle of more than 150 and CRI>80 efficiently provide better optical performance.

● The lifespan of 50,000 hours and 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty with excellent after sales service.

● Easy to install and maintain.

● Durable body and inbuilt heat sink for better heat transfer.

● Rebate eligible and vibration test approved.

● Easy mounting and installation.

Our LED Flood Light 50 Watt 5700K is available in yoke and knuckle mounting. These Flood Lights have polycarbonate optics and LED smart chips for better optical performance and durability. These lights give glare-free beam, neutral white light very similar to daylight.

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