Saudi Arabian Service Company (Al Rashed Group is the Authorized agent to supply Sullair Air screw compressors ) and Its Spare parts which are made in U.S.A with The Warranty of 10 years.

Kindly note the below advantages of Sullair compressors :

- These units has 10 years warranty with open hours ( 80,000 hrs.).
- Not required any overhauls for air end and it can run for very long span because of specially designed air end bearings . this will save a lot of service cost comparing with other brands..
For example: other brands need to be overhauled every 20,000 hrs. and cost for these sizes will be around 20,000 SAR every time so, we you will save 4 times of overhaul costing 80,000 SAR/uni just with in warranty period.
- These units need only one major service with oil every 8000 hours or one year.
- You just need to change air filter and oil filter every 2000 hours plus the oil sample for factory analysis .

Other special offers by Sascom to customers:-

Trade in policy:- If you have a compressor which has undergone overhauling/Troubles many times , we can offer you a new air compressor with 10 years warranty in a very special trade in price.

Lease contract:- Lease contract is for the customers who are willing to pay on monthly bases for one year or 12 months for the total cost for the unit, after 12 months the unit will be yours. With this offer you can also test the performance of our machines.

For any further information , please contact us any time.

Awaiting for the list of Air compressors which you are planning to overhaul or in not working condition to offer you special trade in prices.