Quran and Deeniyat classes for childrens and ladies by a Lady Alimah in Malaz.

Quran And Deeniyat (For ladies and kids below 12 yrs)

Assalamu aleikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatuhu

I am a Alimah offering Quran, and Deeniyat Teaching Service for ladies & Childs.

Our Main objective is to Teach and complete quran at an early age, open your child’s mind with Quran first and everything else will be easy to consume in future in shaa Allah.

Quran and Deeniyat Teaching Timings: Evening 4 pm to 6pm.

● Learn Tajweed E Quran With Proper Pronunciation.

● Learn the basic values of islam (Deeniyat)

● Learn important short hadiths and Seerat Un Nabi In Details.

● Learn important duaas and kalimat.

●Learn Namaz with Meanings.

Note : Contact me on given Email “ [email protected] Please contact only Ladies..