Manufactured using a premium grade ceramic formulation for superior noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) control. The benefits are consistent pedal feel, enhanced durability, high fade resistance, reduced noise and vibration, minimal dust and improved stopping performance.

The vehicle with the competitor brake pads travels over 30m more before stopping compared to the vehicle using Bendix General CT.

Ceramic Technology means:

Consistent pedal feel
Enhanced durability & high fade resistance
Reduced noise & vibration
Minimal dust
OEM replacement quality

The Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe is technology developed by Bendix engineers to further improve initial stopping power. The high friction Blue Titanium Stripe on the brake pad surface is designed to improve breakikin from the start...

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Riyadh, Auto Parts, SAR 150 / Prado/FJ/Land Cruiser quality break padsRiyadh, Auto Parts, SAR 150 / Prado/FJ/Land Cruiser quality break pads