It’s a matter of concern when you have to leave your dog at home for long hours while you are at work all day. How long can your dog hold his bladder or withstand being alone? You might even think about sending your dog to a dog walking service when you’re not around, but which one?

Certainly, it’s a good idea to keep your dog busy, but what if I tell you that sending your dog to Adventure Paws, a unique dog hiking service in Santa Monica , is not only going to give your dog lots of potty breaks and social time, but lots of overall health as well?

Taking dogs for Adventure Hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains is a perfect environment to give your dog tons of exercise and mental nourishment. We let them play freely while attempting to hike the various trails and explore different spots within the mountains. We look closely after your dog and to add an extra level of safety we provide GPS collars to all dogs in our pack. No matter what your dog’s energy level is, we can cater the experience to your dog by assigning certain tasks like carrying a little extra weight in the form of water that we put in a harness or make it easier by taking breaks and choosing trails that are not too difficult.

We also provide a poop scooping service in Santa Monica in Pacific Palisades while picking up and dropping off your dog from your home or as a completely separate service.

Please call us today to schedule a quick meet and greet to see how we may be of service to you! 310-684-3087