About us:
High Quality & Fast Processing / On the market from over 20 years / We own documented million dollar businesses in USA, Canada and Poland / Big portfolio of sold & owned businesses / Huge amount of testimonials / Trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs that we helped in moving to Poland,USA, Canada / Full-Service Packages

What we offer:
Low Cost Investments
New & Running Businesses For Sale - Restaurants, Hostels, Motels, Bars, Online Stores and more
Bank Account Creation & Accounting in English, French & Polish
High / Fast Growing Monthly Profits

We take care of the whole immigration process:
- notarised & signed documents of business ownership
- informing immigration offices about your investment in the country you're applying for <- makes the visa guaranteed
- visa appointment booking
- invitation processing
- couriering all documents needed for visa stamping
- accommodation
- airport pick up & city tour
- dedicated on place support
- tax & accounting services - 50% off if you process all documents through us
- businesses can be created with shareholders (not a requirement)
- whole process takes only up to three weeks

Whatsapp Number: +48884106048
USA + Canada Investments + Business | Landline: +1 3123768189
Europe Investments + Business | Landline: +1 9413063356
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