Today we all well aware of the advantages that we can get by using the LED lighting technology for lighting the indoor or outdoor places. Among many outdoor lights, one form of light is LED Downlight that can be used at the commercial or industrial places to have maximum lighting. You can use a 4’’ LED Dimmable Downlight that due to its dimmable feature will give you great savings.

Benefits of using 4’’ Dimmable LED Square Downlight are as follows:

• These 4’’ LED Square Downlights consumes just 9w of electricity is to produce 600 lumens that make it more superior than the traditional light that uses 65w of electricity to produce light rays.

• Also, the wider beam angle of more than 100 degrees of these lights will make the place more lighten and visible for a period of at least 50,000 hours.

• By starting using these eco-friendly lights, you can make energy savings of more than 88% which play a significant role in reducing your monthly electricity with 100% removal of dark spots.

• Comes in three different color temperatures including 3000K, 4000K and 5000K along with ETL certified and energy star approval.

• These 4’’ Dimmable LED Square Downlight are compatible with most of the standard dimmers where the dimming range varies from 0-10V.

So use this LED Dimmable Downlight and let there be more lighting that can smoothen your daily tasks which otherwise becomes much time consuming due to lack of sufficient lights.

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