Move a step ahead towards conserving nature by replacing high energy consuming fluorescent lights with our innovative range of T8 5ft LED Freezer/Cooler Tubes. These 5ft long Freezer Tubes are specifically designed for Freezer display cases, refrigerated displays, walk-in Freezer cases or any kind of cold storage displays. These fixtures are the best replacements for your old lightning solutions as they illuminate the placement area with crisp, bright light. These Tubes are high in demand because of incomparable quality of light they deliver an extremely low operating cost.

LEDMyplace brings excellent lighting solutions for food merchandise industry with their supreme quality T8 5 ft. LED Freezer/Cooler Tube; V Shape; 32W 5000K; Cleared Cooler light. These Tubes are designed to deliver unobstructed, even and uniform light which will make your food products look attractive and fresh. Also, these Tubes undergo a stringent quality test to assure their performance in extremely low temperatures.

Highlighted below are the features of our LED Freezer/Cooler Tubes:

• Brightness: 4200 lumens

• Wattage: 32 Watt

• Wattage Equivalent: 80 W

• 75 % less power consuming

• Life hours: 50,000 hours

• Warranty: 5 years

LED Freezer/Cooler Tubes manufactured at LEDMyplace are the eco-friendly, mercury-free lights best suited for food merchandise industry. Our tubes come with quality assurance certifications like ELT and DLC at very affordable prices.

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