When you are tired of dull lighting and looking for a lighting upgradation in areas of your home, then, it is better to consider replacing your old bulbs with LED Corn Bulb 100W. The advantages you gain are obvious immediately after installation, including that your home is brightly lit, your electrical bill will be noticeably reduced and there is no need to replace bulbs as often as with standard lighting. Also, the LED Corn Bulb 100W fits into standard lighting receptacles and provide a brighter lighting solution than the standard bulbs.

Features of LED Corn Bulb 100W :

• This lighting option is highly energy efficient and needs low maintenance.

• A completely “green” option having no gases or other harmful emissions.

• Will not cause any damage, such as fading, unlike traditional lighting.

• Any heat generated by these LED Corn Bulb lights are almost non-existent when compared to CFL light bulbs.

• Light emitted from these corns LED Bulbs do not cause damage to skin or eyes.

• The average life span of these bulbs is 30,000 hours which equates to three years and four months.

If you are looking for ambient mood lighting and are interested in making things brighter and more welcoming, then these corns LED Bulbs are a great choice. Also, these LED Corn Bulbs offer 360 degrees of light with low energy consumption. These LED Corn Bulbs are perfect retrofit replacement light sources for several indoor and outdoor applications such as parking lots, post top lights, street, and pathway lights, security lighting, high bay fixtures, wall packs, and drop lights.

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