LED Tube lights are the contemporary lighting solutions that are slowly replacing the traditional fluorescent tube lights in homes and offices. Among the wide range of LED lights available today, LED Tube light is widely used in several spaces that is efficient and is an energy saving lighting solution, unlike the traditional fluorescent lights.

Features of LED Tubes are:

• Instant Start In contrast with traditional fluorescent tubes, the LED Tube operates without any flickering or buzzing when it starts.

• 3000K Colour Temperature the colors temperature of 3000K provides with a soft white or warm white glow; highly suitable for applications or conditions needing long hours of lighting and to get cozy ambiance.

• Better Thermal Management this tube has a better thermal management, compared to the conventional fluorescent Tubes. As these LED Tubes do not warm up, unlike the traditional fluorescent tubes, they do not require cooling down. This LED Tube is ideal for places needing consistent lighting throughout the day and night,

• Easy to Install the installation process is easy to the extent that just remove the existing fluorescent tube and insert the 20W LED Tube in its place.

• Ballast Compatible this LED Tube needs a ballast bypass and they are required to be directly wired into the socket for line voltage. The best thing about ballast bypass LED Tubes is that you don’t have to worry about any failure of the ballast and hence there is neither the hassle of maintenance or replacement every time the ballast fails nor any costs to incur.

• Flicker Free Whether it’s 2ft, 4ft or 8ft LED Tube, one of the features of LED Tubes is that they don’t flicker, unlike fluorescent tubes. The LED Tubes start instantly, and they don’t produce a humming sound.

• IP44 Rated the LED Tubes to have an IP44 rating. This rating ensures protection against dust and water-ingress from all directions.

These LED Tube lights are far better than the traditional fluorescent lights in every respect. When a fluorescent tube light lasts for only around 30,000 hours, the LED Tube lights can easily last for at least 50,000 hours, thus reducing the maintenance cost.

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