I have a commercial company and I get a lot of offers for  construction (hotels,buildings, villas...) in Morocco but I  need funds to afford them.so I am looking for a funding partner,partnership,cash flow,joint venture,venture capital,sponsorship,financial partner...i am open for all suggestions. - there are authorized projects(land and project)for sell and I look for an angel investors ,cash flow finance,funding partner,partnership,joint venture,venture capital,sponsorship,financial partner... - there are some commercial projects for sell  (hotels,buildings,offices...) -there are lands for agricultural projects -there are lands for solar energy projects,green energy.... - there are lands for build factories (crafts,textil... All these projects are in Morocco. These projects are important and have a good incomes . * I am available for any suggestions  (win win) - you can rely on me for works and coordination with administrations. I am looking forward hearing from you. Regards!