In this era of led lighting solutions, there is seen a transition from outdated lighting options. An ideal LED retrofit solution to traditional fluorescent tubes is the 8ft LED Tube that can easily replace the standard 8ft fluorescent tube and these Tubes easily retrofit into your existing fittings and function independently of external control gear. Fixed with a translucent lens cover, this LED Tube looks just like a fluorescent tube and once installed! It delivers up to an impressive 120Lm/W output from its 120° beam angle, offering bright, even light with no shadowing. Also, this product is glare-free and flicker-free thus ensuring consistent light output for all applications.

These Tubes are configured with a single-ended connection, considered best for safety, and reduces the installation time by half. The rotatable pins of this 8ft LED Tube can adjust up to 90° so that it can be suitably retrofitted into any fitting.

Features of 8ft LED Tubes are:

• Accessible in Daylight (5.5K), Natural (4.5K), Warm (3K)

• Can replace standard T8 fluorescent tube lamps

• Offers even light spread with no shadowing

• 90° rotatable pins

• Flicker-free performance

• Single-ended connection

• Emergency options available

• Offers long life that saves cost on frequent replacements

Accessible in three color temperatures, with Emergency and Dimmable options (DALI, O-10V). it is highly suited for a wide range of spaces such as homes, offices, commercial and industrial spaces.

Canada, Electronics, CAD 75 / Switch to This LED Tube and Enjoy High Savings Utility Bills