Stay Fit & Healthy by joining our Fitness Studio for group classes in Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga Pilates, boot camp, Martial Arts- Kung-Fu, Dance classes- Hip-hop, Cinematic & other Fitness Training's.

We have sessions for Adults Fitness

For Kids Martial Arts Kung-fu, Kids Fitness & Dance Classes- Hip hop, Contemporary,Cinematic

We have Ladies only group classes also for- Mixed Aerobics,Yoga Pilates, Zumba & Boot camp

Personal Training is available!!!

Our Certified and experienced trainers can help you achieve your goals through training diet plan

1) Weight loss programs
2) Weight gain/ body mass
3) Strength training
4) body toning & conditioning
5) Increase in Stamina
And many more training's and programs can be tailored as per your requirement

For more details & inquiry please contact us - Whatsapp- 33445154